Our Story

Greatest Generation Aircraft is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit educational foundation that strives to give history a future!!! We operate as a flight activity center, not as a traditional museum....we believe the contribution of these planes to our country's history is better understood when they fly than when they sit static. Greatest Generation Aircraft currently operates the DC3/C47 Southern Cross.

We're in the process of restoring an A26K Counter Invader., which is another WWII Aircraft, as well as Korea and early Vietnam. We hope to return this amazing aircraft to the air by late summer 2016, making it the only flying A26K in the world. Once our A26K is flying, we'll begin work on our next restoration project, a CG4A Waco Glider...another WWII hero.

As a non-profit group, we are constantly looking for ways to generate funds to help pay for the maintenance of our fleet, as well as for restoration projects. Warbirds are an expensive passion!!! Replacing one part that in its day cost a few dollars now costs thousands. But we believe that the roles they played in fighting for our freedoms is worth honoring...that the veterans that worked on these planes and flew these planes in some less-than-desirable wartime conditions, are worth honoring. If you have a fund raising idea, we'd love to hear it. We also welcome donations in any amount. You can just donate to our general “operations” fund, or identify a specific plane. If you want to donate towards a specific plane, just type the plane in the "comments/instructions" box when prompted, otherwise all donations will go to our general operations fund. Donations are tax deductible!!!

A26K restoration is well underway

A26K restoration is well underway!

A-26K Counter Invader

The A-26K Counter Invader early in the restoration process.