C47 SIC/PIC Type Ratings

Have you always wanted a type rating in a vintage warbird? Well, here's your chance!!! We offer both SIC (Second In Command) and PIC (Pilot In Command) type ratings. We require an SIC type rating before proceeding to a PIC type rating. Type rating candidates must have a current multi-engine commercial rating, current medical and passport/birth certificate.

The C47 SIC type rating is $5500. You can either pay the total amount up front or pay half down as a deposit to reserve the date and the balance on the day you arrive to begin your training. A payment button for either option is below. Once payment is made, please email greatestgeneration@yahoo.com with desired training dates, name and cell phone number. If you have only a specific date that will work for you, please email us first to verify your desired dates are available.

As with the C47, you can pay the balance at one time or 50% down to hold the date, balance upon arrival.

We ask that you allow for two days of training for either SIC type rating, four days if you want to obtain both type ratings in one visit. If you plan on flying in your own aircraft to the training, please tell the tower you would like a progressive taxi to the Vintage Flying Museum and you can park directly in front of the hangar. Training will be conducted at the Vintage Flying Museum hangar, 505 NW 38th St, Fort Worth, 76107. The fees include ground school, flight time, manuals and check ride. Once the SIC type rating is complete, the instructor will evaluate your performance with the aircraft and give you an estimate of hours required to complete the PIC type rating. C47 hours are sold at a rate of $1900 per hour.