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To book C47 Ground School, email The next A26 Ground School is TBA, regular cost is $125. To book, email and an invoice will be sent to you that can be paid online with debit/credit card.

Our sister organization, TWH Foundation of New Hampshire has issued a challenge to raise funds for the engine overhauls on the Greatest Generation Aircraft's A-26A, Special Kay. TWH Foundation will donate $1 for every dollar donated to the A-26 Legacy Foundation up to $75,000 in one year. In other words, if a person donates $5, it becomes $10 for Special Kay's engines. Checks or money orders may be sent to the A-26. All donations are tax deductible as they are a 501c3 organization. Won't you help get Special Kay back into the air to carry out her last mission, to honor the Viet Nam vets who deserve to have their stories told?