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When you become a member, when you buy something from us, you are helping to keep these magnificent aircraft flying!!! We do not receive any government funding, local or federal. So, every dollar we spend must be raised. We'll be adding more items here frequently, so please check back often and thanks in advance for your support.

Our sister organization, the A-26 Legacy Foundation in conjunction with the TWH Foundation of New Hampshire has issued a challenge to raise funds for the engine overhauls on the Greatest Generation Aircraft's A-26A, Special K. TWH Foundation will donate $1 for every dollar donated to the A-26 Legacy Foundation up to $75,000 in one year. In other words, if a person donates $5, it becomes $10 for Special K's engines. Checks or money orders may be sent to the A-26 Legacy Foundation, Attn: Mr. Don Vogler, Chairman, 88 Fitch Road, Jaffrey, NH 03452. Or visit their website: to use the credit card or PayPal button to donate. All donations are tax deductible as they are a 501c3 organization. Won't you help get Special K back into the air to carry out her last mission, to honor the Viet Nam vets who deserve to have their stories told?


Has Dad been bit by the Aviation Bug :) ?  It is a giant tick/spider-like robot insect made from old airplane parts, designed by artist Jason Barnett. The main body is part of an engine super charger off of a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Once you have been bitten by it, it consumes all of your time and money. So, he made it two mechanical stomachs filled with shredded watches and money. It also has a green light in it. $975. To purchase, call 817 659 9249.